Painted turtle 105
Painted turtle enjoying a basking log on the wetlands at Canterbury Farm which is owned by CWH. We used CREP to restore over 35 acres of shallow freshwater marshes on the property. The land is permanently protected from development and conversion back to agricultural use by a conservation easement.
Gadwalls making use of the very shallow waters of restored wetlands.
This shows the deeper (2-3 foot) pool areas where water is present even in the driest summers. We obtain the material for the berms (which we use to impound the rainfall and restore the wetland) from these spots. They provide a wet refuge for reptiles and amphibians in summer as well as growing submerged aquatic vegetation to provide wildfowl food.
Canterbury 1489
One can see the very shallow nature of these marshes from this picture taken in early spring when the emergent vegetation has been worn away by weather and wildlife.
silver spotted skipper
Silver Spotted Skipper Butterfly Build Habitats for Wildlife!