Entering into its 17th year, the Environmental Fund for Maryland has a mission to support Maryland’s leading environmental organizations through workplace giving and is dedicated to the preservation and protection of Maryland’s natural heritage.Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage is proud to be a founding member of this alliance of Maryland’s leading environmental organizations.As an Environmental Fund for Maryland supporter, you make an important personal statement about yourself and your role in protecting Maryland’s resources. The goal of EFM is to provide you with an easy way to get involved in preserving our natural heritage. Supporting a charity through payroll deduction is one of the most efficient ways to support the organizations you care about – for you and for the charities.Payroll deduction allows you to choose how much you can afford to give and lets you do so in small increments throughout the year. You can make a tax-deductible contribution to all of our members with one general gift to the Environmental Fund for Maryland, or you may designate your gift to one or more member organizations of your choice. (We greatly appreciate contributions to CWH.)

If you are an employee or retiree of one of the following agencies, use the corresponding code on the form provided to you in the fall to designate a donation to CWH.
>> Federal Employees      All Federal Government Campaigns – # 54711


>> Maryland State Employees – # 1793


>> Baltimore City Employees – # 1793

>> Maryland County Employees – I D #s for County Campaigns may change from year to year, so just look for Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage on the form.

>> United Way Campaigns  Due to a limited scope of what a health and human service organization is, United Way often does not allow environmental organizations to become members of the United Way. Donations of $50 and over made to United Way Campaigns and desinated to “write in” agencies (agencies that are not members of the United Way) will be honored. To ‘write in’ CWH as the recipient of your gift in a United Way Campaign, please include the following information on their form:

“Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage, 1201 Parson Island Rd., Chester, MD 21619, EIN-52-0178636”

If you have difficulty or need more information, please contact Shannon at www.efm.org.