Working with landowners to protect habitat restored by CWH

Wetland restored in Dorchester Co
CWH restored wetland protected by easement on Chic farm


Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage’s Landowner Services Program employs tax-advantaged financing and estate planning to find innovative ways to permanently save land for wildlife habitat. We complete this work in partnership with private landowners. CWH’s conservation easements are designed to permanently protect wildlife habitat.

Over the years, CWH has protected 2,666 acres of habitat for wildlife. This habitat includes warm-season grass meadows, riparian buffers along tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay, mature woodlands and wetlands. We have permanently protected habitat in Queen Anne’s, Talbot, Kent, Dorchester and Prince George’s counties in Maryland.

The Landowner Services Program continues to provide advice and services to other landowners and community groups that are striving to protect locally significant resource lands. In 2013, our staff worked with landowners to monitor and steward our existing easements. This critical work ensures that the land will stay forever wild.