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Vegetation Studies in Power-line Rights-of-way (ROWs)

Vegetation Studies in Power-line Rights-of-way (ROWs) Managing for wildlife while maintaining a safe, reliable, national electric utility power supply In the United States there are between 8 and 10 million acres of utility ROW, comprising potential unique wildlife habitat opportunities in property that is owned or accessed by electric, oil and gas companies. Recognizing the potential for this unique habitat within power line rights-of-way (ROW), in 1994 Conectiv Power Delivery (CPD) and Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage (CWH) formed a 15-year partnership in various research projects in Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey. From that liaison, in 2007 CWH evolved a partnership with Integrated Vegetation Management Partners (IVMP), a newly create NPO, formed by Rick Johnstone, former forester for CPD. Our research efforts have concentrated on utility company…
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