Pickering Creek Aerial View taken 2009
This is an aerial photo at Pickering Creek Audubon Center of the approximately 70 acres of freshwater wetlands we had designed and restored there as of 2009 using the United States Department of Agriculture’s Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program with additional funding from a number of other partners (Md DNR, Biophilia Fdn, CWH, NFWF, TWF). These marshes have become a birding hotspot.
This is the first wetland we did at Pickering.


An Egret makes use of the shallow 14 acre wetland completed in August 2014.
A typical landscape level wetland restoration under CWH Chesapeake Care Program
The PCAC wetlands have become an important part of the educational program.
This elevated platform allows the occupants to get a better view of the restored wetland complex.
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